Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas and New Years in Ecuador and Mexico, 2008-2009

I left Medellin on Dec. 18th and flew to Guayaquil, Ecuador with my roommate, Tina. We were visiting her friends, Sarah and Mark, that live there. We immediately headed to the coast for our first week.
We began our adventure at a very cute hostel called Andaluz on the coast, beach views, pool and hammocks, great fresh fish and no crowds. It was perfect! Our first tour was to Isla de la Plata where we saw LOTS of BOOBIES...the blue footed birds, of course!

my favorite pasttime...Andaluz Hotel on the central coast of Ecuador

me doing the ziplines

Our next stop....SalinasI am happy when
I am eating fresh ceviche and drinking sangria
in my bathing suit
overlooking the beach
in December

Christmas Day, back in Guayaquil at Sarah and Mark's house

Merry Christmas to me!

I left Ecuador on December 27th and made my way to Puerto Vallarta. I was meeting Alan, Allegra, Maya and Terra there. But to my great surprise the first people I saw were Jeff and Loren. They surprised me and what a perfect surprise it was.
Happy Birthday to me!

And now the fun begins.....



And lots of love.....

The birthday girl!

Who's that guy in the hat?

Happy New Year!

birthday dinner! Yum!

Thank you Puerto Vallarta
for the best birthday ever
and to all of you who made it possible!

oh yeah....I also spent a few days in Guadalajara