Thursday, December 20, 2007

cable car in Medellin

I have been doing some touristy stuff around Medellin this week. There is a metro system that runs through the middle of the city. There is also this cable car tram thing that goes up the mountain to one of the little towns. Quite the view and a little scary....

Christmas party

One of the teachers at my school owns this finca in the mountains near the school. We had a Christmas party there a few days after school got out. It was beautiful. There is a small cabin on the property that is surrounded by waterfalls and then the main house is up on the hill with a gorgeous view.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas in Colombia

It is here and it is big! The holiday season is upon us. And if you were worried that I might not be feeling the Christmas spirit in Colombia, worry not! They are so into the decorations, lights and all kinds of interesting decor. It seems really weird to me for many reasons:

1. It is hot outside and I am in the tropics
2. It is so over the top with lights and so amazingly CHEESY!!!
3. I didn't really think Santa made it to South America
4. There is absolutely no sign of Hanukkah..anywhere...sorry!!
5.It really isn't Christmas without friends and family!!

The tree in front of the office at my school

And the Nativity school!!!
I am not in California any more....

and the most bizarre of it all is the bigger than life scene on the lawn at school
Jesus? Joseph? Mary?Angels? That is what they tell me
but I am not sure.....
Very Bizarre!
Click on these pix to see it life size.....scary!!!!

Santa hanging for dear life on the side of buildings

My apartment building
In the is about 20 feet tall!!!

some of the other things I see while walking around town...

So, my favorite of all is the lights at the river. It is hard to explain and these pictures don't do it justice. There is a river that runs through the center of Medellin. It is a big river,at least 50 feet across. For Christmas the city puts up all of these lights running across the river right above it and then higher up. Then it is lined with trees and other decor on either side. It goes on for about a mile. It is a major attraction with lots of crowds. There is vendors, music etc on the street. People come from all over the country to see it. I have never seen anything that compares...... Here are a few pictures

Vegas Baby!!!

No commentary allowed.....and not too many postable know the saying.....
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas....

The most awesome couple! I am so glad that I got
to witness this marriage!!!

Thanks to all of you! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!

Thanksgiving in Santa Marta

So the day before Thanksgiving I left straight from school with three other teachers and headed straight for the airport. We had a quick flight through Bogota to the Caribbean Coast. We stayed in a port city called Santa Marta. We stayed in one of those fancy all inclusive resorts. It was VERY relaxing and beautiful.

My Traveling companions......yes it is November and I am that tan!!

Our hotel pool...and the view of the beach from the pool

We spent most of our time at the beach. It was a private beach for hotel guests
fully equipped with cabanas, chairs, bar service, ceviche and of course lots of jewelry to buy
and we never had to leave our lounge chairs

There is a National Park nearby so we forced ourselves to leave our hotel one day to check it out
This was our ride.....and our other ride

So we spent that day relaxing on this beach in
Parque Tayrona

Happy Thanksgiving!!