Saturday, November 17, 2007

Santa Fe de Antioquia- November 10-12, 2007

So I had yet another three day weekend and went to this town that is about two hours north of Medellin. I went with my roomie Tina. We left on Sat. morning and came back Monday afternoon. The bus ride was very comfortable and easy, although there were a few problems with landslides on the roads (it is officially the rainy season) but we made it there just fine. It was a beautiful ride through the mountains on windy roads with great views. The town itself is small and very cute. It is a colonial style town with narrow cobblestone roads, horses and cows everywhere, cool architecture and a cute plaza. The plaza was full of people selling jewelry, art etc so it was a great weekend for shopping. It was also much warmer than in Medellin, hot and we spent most of the day sitting by the pool at our hotel. This is becoming a theme of mine on vacations. I like it! I have a great tan and it is November!!

The Taxi

Our Hotel

the hotel pet peacock
and her boyfriend

Jen and Tina at the plaza

my first gambling in Colombia.....just getting ready for Vegas!!

It wouldn't be a town without at least two churches

I just love walking down the street and seeing cows hanging out.


These are pictures of my students on Halloween. Yes, one girl is dressed up as a "girl from the Caribbean". I was shocked when I saw her, but they have very different ideas as to what is appropriate here and it doesn't seem to be meant as offensive.
Halloween is very popular here and celebrated a lot like in the states. We had a carnival at school with a haunted house, candy and games. All of the students dressed up and the teachers were encouraged to get costumes as well. I rented a mariposa costume.
The weekend after Halloween I also went out in costume. A group of us from school rented a bus and went out to a club. Everyone was in costume. There was a lot of dancing, drinking and contests etc. It was a fun night. I didn't bring my camera, but I know a lot of people did. So if I get some pictures I will post them.