Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Friday Puente in February

So we had Friday, Feb 20th off from school. It's not really a holiday but they gave us the day off because there are no holidays in February and we can't go a month without some time off....seriously.
So my friend, Carolina, is married to Jose and they have a family finca (not really a farm, more like a country house) about 30 minutes outside of Medellin. We decided to go there for one night with Tina and Kristen. It had a pool and a hot tub and was beautifully landscaped. It was a very relaxing time.

This is all the stuff we brought...for one night!
I think most of it is wine

We left the finca Saturday afternoon, but Tina and I decided that we needed some more R&R. So we headed to a tiny town called San Jeranimo, about an hour from Medellin in the HOT zone. We stayed at a really cool place called San Sebastian. We spent the night, had massages and relaxed by the pool.

There was live music to keep us entertained on the bus.

San Sebastian Hotel

Me staying cool in a waterfall at the pool